Thursday, January 31, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

I am busy. Its official. Its also official that I hate being busy.
Froggy is nearly due, there was a minor crisis there for a while but I do believe that it has been fixed up. Plus may have another job starting in a few weeks. Gah!
Why do I have to be busy, i just wanna do craft!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Friends

So I have a friend that drops over quite often. She is gorgeous and oh so clever. I think that I might invite her along to crafternoon.
I have to watch out when I get home of a night time, cos more often than not she is waiting here. Do you think she is stalking me?

One night I very nastily wrecked half her web

But she built it back up and it looks like its made from diamonds! (its really rain...natures diamond..?what the?)

I wonder what kind of spider she is?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Guerilla Craft

Its been a long time coming. The idea for Guerilla Craft was born months ago from a night on cheap dumplings and wine. Until last week it hadn't really eventuated. We were too hesitant. We didn't feel we were real graffiti artists, and we didn't have an idea that we thought was worth getting out there to do. Finally, boredom and beer made us spring into action.

It had to be something 3D. Little scenes set up around Melbourne. Little moments of action. But something slightly comical that would catch your eye. Maeve expertly went out to buy small plastic animals and cowboys and indians and I went on a search for a good glue. We smashed down a few beers, put on our masks (all the while giggling) and walked into the city with our animals and glue. We headed straight for popular graffiti spots so we could make our mark. Yes indeed.

The figurines were only put up about a week ago and already a lot of the have been ripped down. We expected as much but we were still slightly devestated when we saw they were gone. Imagine your work disappearing all the time? Gah! There are still a few up around the CBD. And be sure that there are more to come.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hosier Lane

One of the most looked at graffiti laneways in Melbourne. Maeve and I have just watched a short doco on the graffiti culture in Melb and this laneway features heavily. What I love is that every single thing in this laneway has been painted or marked in some way. Its like the entire place has been paint bombed. But it's wonderful! One of the works in this picture is by a French artist named Fafi, who has done works all around the world. Also in this laneway are works done by people you may see walk past you in the street. The accessability of this art and the freedom of it is definitely what makes this one of the most visited places in Melbourne. Perhaps I can add my name to the long list and put some work down here eh?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Reliving the Joy

I wandered into one of my favourite shops the other day - the Lost and Found Market in Smith Street - and I think I almost started to cry. The things and feeling in this shop are so beautiful. Its so nice to be in a retro world, all cluttered full of lovely things. If i could live here..I would. Definitely a place worth visiting if you haven't already

Don't forget that this Sunday in Ivanhoe is the Quality Makers Market (14 Ivanhoe Parade). A really lovely market where everything is handmade.

Also, this Thursday is the next Crafternoon. Hopefully I can post some pictures of our crazy hijinks.

I have managed to set up a little workspace for myself in my garage. Very simple, my sewing machine, a bench and some drawers but it is more than I had before. The garage is still full of a huge amount of crap, that hasn't changed, but I do have a clean and decent space to work in now. Hurrah! No more working on my bedroom floor or the concrete. Its such a relief.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Newly Made

Here are 2 newly made cameo's.

The leafy one is a brooch made from felt and part of a vintage curtain

The bow one is a patch made from felt, lace and ribbon.

I'm not too sure what appeals to me about cameo's but i seem to keep making them!

Midnight Suprise

A friend of mine was visting late last night. Usually I would be a nanna and have been in bed, but she had come all the way down from Canberra. After a beer and lots of chatting she left. I went to get into my pajama's and then to lock the door when i noticed a HUGE spider web right on our front porch. It was amazing! Sometimes I just forget how beautiful spiders can be. Sure it looked hideously poisonous and I would never have touched it, but wow! its still beautiful.

No crafty news yet. I have made a few more cameo hairpieces, i will post photos soon. Tuesday night we are going on a midnight mission to populate melbourne cbd with animals. And they said wildlife couldn't exist there. ha! We'll show them. Guerilla craft is actually taking form. Maeve and I have a few installations planned for the boring boring buildings in the cbd.

I also have a job making a frog puppet for a small company. hurrah!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Post New Years

Excellent. New Years is over. It was a stressfree new years, unlike other new years. Which really, is how I want this coming year to be. I feel so grateful that I have spent this year with people I really love. I have been places that have opened my eyes, developed new cravings, met people that have changed me in some way, and felt more like myself than I ever have.
Its been a terribly hard year but also a rewarding one. I don't mean to play to the cliche but I really am very lucky to be who I am and know the people I do.
The new year bodes well.

Crafternoon again this afternoon. One of the least productive yet, I blame the stupidly hot weather. Although it did end up with good pizza and people I haven't seen in a while at Bimbo's. Only bummer is the long train ride home. I do have a very good looking book to read though.