Thursday, May 29, 2008

Inspiration comes at the most random of times. And then sometimes, i guess it doesn't come at all. After feeling incredibily uninspired lately I have now embarked on too many things when I am just about to get busy. A few days off can lead to trouble I tells ya.

There seems to be a trend at the moment of a general lull in everyones creative passions. Especially with a lot of production people that I know. It can be a really disheartening thing to have a constant sense of want. But never really being able to articulate what it is that you want or even what direction you think you should be moving in. Constantly working to someone else's creative views and inputting yours when you can can sometimes be a soul destroying endeavour. It seems to train people to ignore their own personal aesthetic and rely on a situation or project to instigate any creativity. Outside a structured project, it's hard to know how to start your creative flow when you have only really being doing it off someone else's steam. Hard times. I've had to deal with a lot of these things lately and it can be terribly hard to find that spot of inspiration that starts you on sometime, and that actually does start you, not just in idea form, but doing.

Feeling like you have to have a reason to do something is also a difficult one. Why does there have to be a reason other than I want to? It's easy to doubt why you should start something before you even have. gah. Constantly searching for that inspiration. Totally see why people need a muse. Perhaps I should start looking for one? Any suggestions?

On the other hand, this book has been a massive source of inspiration for me and never ceases to thrill me with its lovely content. It contains pages of sketchbooks from street artists from all over the world, and they all have massively diffrerent styles and use different mediums.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Alice is in my Wonderland

So Alice has opened, awesome, not quite how I imagined it, not so awesome. My puppets had a 2 mintue cameo, got altered and were operated by children even though they were made for adults. Despite that they actually looked pretty good and got a good laugh. The rest of the show, i'm not so sure about. Definitely didn't feel justified in spending 40 freakin bucks on this show. I'm still puzzling over why there was a projection of giraffes with their necks on fire.
Woodcarving class will be starting again as of tonight! hurrah! Perhaps I will actually finish my hand!? Have been working on it at home and succeded only at stabbing myself mulitple times.
Next Wave is in full swing. Get out there people! I reccomend Kids Can Get Lost a show based around site specific theatre and a hilarious watch. Book now though because seats for pretty much every show are selling fast. Heading out to see Please Hold next week, it is now completely sold out, so, sucked in if you didn't get a seat. Tomorrow night at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces there is an art opening of a friend of mine. All attend! Its from 6 pm to 8pm and is part of the Next Wave. Support of good work is vital, do it!!!
In other news, I have graduated, yes I did it. Awesome. Not so awesome is that some dick bag stole my wallet on the night of my graduation. Not having it is an absolute pain in the ass. I also had some momentos in there that I carried around. A 100 korun note from Prague, money from singapore, friends business cards. Gah, absolute dick bag.
As my computer is also being frustrating I will have to upload photos at another time.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Talking pudding and the like

So I have concluded that life is much better once you have danced. If your down, grab yourself a partner and shimmy like there is no tomorrow. Saw Flap! again last night and had a song dedicated to Maeve and I, which is entirely appropriate seeing we are getting married soon. Great song, great night, check Flap! out at the Fox for the next 2 Tuesdays before the disappear overseas. Boo.

Now working on a show for the Malthouse, making a talking pudding, a talking ham and some talking oysters. What they are for I don't know as the show is 'Through the looking Glass". Will be a mad week of crazy making. I think I may have to take a holiday afterwards, lucky I recently bought myself a tent! woo hoo! I spent a lovely weekend in Shepparton recently and it has given me a taste for more travelling. Also have bought a bike and the sense of freedom I get just from having it is amazing! I can ride around, true story! When I finally do move to fitzroy it will serve a much better purpose that it is currently serving. The poor thing gets a tour around Nam every now and then. Once I'm i the city, ah, the things it will see.
Next Wave is starting May 15! Very excited as I didn't get much opportunity to see anything last year. Get into it! there are some great things going to be on. If you want some real theatre experiences then I think this is the time to get involved.
Will be starting the next woodcarving course in 2 weeks and I cant wait. My hand is coming along tre slowly. Hopefully will be able to finish it in the next round of classes. Also have bought my own carving tools, hurrah, which upon getting them promptly cut myself. Genius. At least they're sharp. I will soon be making beautiful little thingys of my own. Bliss.