Friday, March 14, 2008

Possum Magic

So Possum Magic is well and truly underway. It's pretty massive but we seem to be doing alright. At the moment we are two days ahead and the producer is very happy with the work that we are doing. We had a showing of the sculpts the other day and there were very minor criticisms, super easy to change. He also said that he wished that he had brought all the puppets to us. hurrah!

Spidey and the Frog looked great in their show at Moomba. Apparently the show was really well recieved all round. I'll post some photos of them as soon as my computer starts to work again. god damn it.

Melbourne is so goddamn hot at the moment. It's making it incredibly hard to work. I just can't concentrate on anything with 30 degree heat pounding at me. Gah! I need to move to some cooler tempretures. Or at least holiday in some. I have decided that after Possum Magic is over that I am going on a soul search, whatever and wherever that is. Sigh. I just feel that I"m missing something right now.

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