Thursday, February 21, 2008

How to feel more alive

I picked up a fantastic little mag the other day called 'Mix Tape'. A great crafty zine that has lots of interesting things. In it this time was a list of 50 things to do to Feel More Alive. As I have been feeling rather flat lately I decided to try one of them
Number 31 "Shower by candlelight"
And gosh did I feel better afterwards. Thankyou Mix Tape for finishing my day on a good note.


Czina said...

i know that feeling
feel more alive
i have the same time now.
for me it is connected with break of winter and spring.

ashley said...

that is great advice~ showering by candlelight does some wonders for the soul~ and mixtape mag does too:)
happy to find your crafty nest!
x ashley