Saturday, February 9, 2008

Frog Construction 101

Here are a few snapshots of the frog that I have been making. It has turned out pretty well, although I do need to do a touch up paintjob. Definitely a big learning experience but I was so pleased that it was all done with my hands.

The frame work and mouth control

After having made a pattern, screwed it up, remade the pattern and a million alterations

With legs and arms just before they were attached.

Finished product photos to come as soon as I find my bloody camera. Gah!

Also, walking down Brunswick St today I noticed an ace drawing on a board screwed to a stop sign, i wrote down the website and had a look when I got home and found out about this amazing place that I never knew was right there! Gah! I have been so blind! When I came home from Berlin I was raving about a building we had found there that had a concept very similar to this one. That the artists live in the building whilst they create their work. Its something that I think is absolutely fantastic. First chance I get i'm checking this place out.

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Czina said...

the wardrlow looks to live?