Sunday, February 3, 2008

Frog Nation

So I've got one more day to finish Mr. Frog and this is how he looked earlier today. I think he will be fine.

I've realised that it is usually a good idea to think things through before you start every single part of something. Otherwise you really just end up fucking yourself over and causing more trouble. I'm glad that this is something i've done completely by myself because I can clearly see what I do and don't focus on when I make. Gah..if only thinking something through was something that I focused on. I'm always much too excited to get to the finishing part.
Haven't had a proper crafternoon for 2 weeks now. Got to make the next one good. Have only been working on the frog lately. Nothing non frog related has been happening. I did find my moose cut outs the other day though. I think thats what I need to be finishing.

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