Friday, February 15, 2008

Move move move!

So I have had a massive day, 2 meetings, checking out a few things that I always mean to see but never do, dinner and drinks afterwards. phew! But worth it. I now have a job restoring the puppets for Possum Magic, a show that I saw a few times as a kid, and more than likely, these are those exact same puppets. But actual work and money for a few weeks, lovely!
Here are a few things to check out around Melbourne:
1. Coop at 45 Downstairs, on until this Sunday. A wonderful visual theatre piece that has some simply amazing sound design and wonderful puppet manipulation. The overall spectacle of this show was absolutely priceless. Plus its at a really nice new space. Check Half Tix for cheaper tickets though.
2. Never Never Gallery in Hosier Lane. Only open from 12 - 6 Wed - Sat. But get your butt down there and see some really interesting work. Usually stuff you would see on the streets but somehow its ended up in a gallery.
3. Craft Victoria. The exhibition that is on at the moment is great! The jewellery art is so hilairous and beautiful at the same time. There are cast silver pieces of pigeon poo. Love it! As well as some seriously well endowed dolls, funny but gross at the same time.
4. Sustainable Living Festival. On this weekend only I think. There is heaps of good stuff to check out and this Sat there is a clothes swap. Also there is a really cool bike shop there that is selling great bikes for about $550. Which is awesome for a new bike with all the perks. Get into it! Ride your bike around Melbourne and you won't have to deal with all the tools on public transport.

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