Friday, January 29, 2010

It's been over a year......

It's been well over a year since my last blog. I have not felt my most creative, nor have I had a computer to actually blog on! After recently purchasing a lovely new laptop I am free to blog anytime I like!

The start of 2010 has brought about many changes. New house, new people, new ideas, new work, new studio. All exciting and beautiful. This year will be a year of change and development. I can feel it in my waters. I will be starting work soon for the same company we made the Kangaroo and Wombat for. This time making....wait for it, another wombat! But for the kids book Wombat Stew. Should be a fun little project. I am also working on getting some of my personal work up on, so watch out for that. In the process of taking photos of work and figuring out names, designs etc.

I have a very basic webpage up thanks to my lovely friend Laura Flowerday, designer extrodinare. So far it is being hosted through her site, but soon will be out there on its lonesome with updated photos and work.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

and while you are at it take a look at Laura's beautiful graphic design work as well as her awesome stationary range

Here are some photos of little pieces i have been working on lately. I'm a bit in love with block shapes, silhouettes and interesting fabrics, so it revolves a lot around that. These are just preliminary photos of work, so there will be more to come. What do you think? I'd love a bit of feedback about them.

There is also two exhibitions coming up that you should check out if you are into amazing sculpture. Even if sculpture isn't a medium that you ususally connect with, these two artists have a beautifully technical and emotive style that is always amazing. First one is Ricky Swallow, exhibiting at the NGV in Melb whose woodcarvings have always blown me away.
The second one is Ron Mueck who is on at the NGV International. He is a simply mindblowing sculptor who plays with proportion and incredibly life like subjects. Go and see it!

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