Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lino Cuts

I have started to create some lino cuts out of a piece of lino that I found in a dumpster on Swanston Street. I've done a few so far with varying degrees of success both in the cutting stage and the printing stage. Its a really methodical and cathartic process that I'm really enjoying. I've been thinking about printing the designs from the lino cuts onto the Obi style belts that I have been making.

The Lino cut of the feather. One of my favourite i've done so far.

Printed verson of the feather.

I'm also cutting out one of the cameos i've been making out of felt to see how that goes.
I'll have some pics up of the belts i've been making soon!

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Czina said...

it looks great. i am looking forward to see the belts.