Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ron Mueck Exhibition

Ok, so one thing to see checked off my list. Today I went to see the Ron Mueck exhibition at the NGV. I was already a fan of Mueck and left the exhibition more so.
The exhibition is a fantastic collection of Mueck's works. All up there are about 9 - 10 works. Each one of them amazing. His use of proportion has the incredible ability to set the tone for each work. What amazed me was the power of some of his smaller works to be so intimidating.

These two old women were just under a meter tall and they were probably the most intimidating sculptures in the whole exhibition for me. Despite the size, their expressions seemed to command much more than their stature did.

As I was walking out of the exhibition I wondered why there weren't more descriptions of each of the works. I think that this may be because so much of it has to do with the individuals relationship wtih each of the subjects and how the individual percieves the change in proportion. You can't really be informed on how to feel about the proportion of something, it seems to me to be more of a personal expeirence thing. 
I'm sure there is an artists intent (in fact, i think Mueck details it in the book he has for sale in the NGV shop) but i'm glad that it's not particularly relevant when first viewing the work. 


A few more works that were in the exhibition.

Basically, if you appreciate the realism and amazing talent that is put into work like this, go see it in real life. It will blow you away.

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