Monday, January 14, 2008

Guerilla Craft

Its been a long time coming. The idea for Guerilla Craft was born months ago from a night on cheap dumplings and wine. Until last week it hadn't really eventuated. We were too hesitant. We didn't feel we were real graffiti artists, and we didn't have an idea that we thought was worth getting out there to do. Finally, boredom and beer made us spring into action.

It had to be something 3D. Little scenes set up around Melbourne. Little moments of action. But something slightly comical that would catch your eye. Maeve expertly went out to buy small plastic animals and cowboys and indians and I went on a search for a good glue. We smashed down a few beers, put on our masks (all the while giggling) and walked into the city with our animals and glue. We headed straight for popular graffiti spots so we could make our mark. Yes indeed.

The figurines were only put up about a week ago and already a lot of the have been ripped down. We expected as much but we were still slightly devestated when we saw they were gone. Imagine your work disappearing all the time? Gah! There are still a few up around the CBD. And be sure that there are more to come.

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