Sunday, January 6, 2008

Midnight Suprise

A friend of mine was visting late last night. Usually I would be a nanna and have been in bed, but she had come all the way down from Canberra. After a beer and lots of chatting she left. I went to get into my pajama's and then to lock the door when i noticed a HUGE spider web right on our front porch. It was amazing! Sometimes I just forget how beautiful spiders can be. Sure it looked hideously poisonous and I would never have touched it, but wow! its still beautiful.

No crafty news yet. I have made a few more cameo hairpieces, i will post photos soon. Tuesday night we are going on a midnight mission to populate melbourne cbd with animals. And they said wildlife couldn't exist there. ha! We'll show them. Guerilla craft is actually taking form. Maeve and I have a few installations planned for the boring boring buildings in the cbd.

I also have a job making a frog puppet for a small company. hurrah!

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