Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Reliving the Joy

I wandered into one of my favourite shops the other day - the Lost and Found Market in Smith Street - and I think I almost started to cry. The things and feeling in this shop are so beautiful. Its so nice to be in a retro world, all cluttered full of lovely things. If i could live here..I would. Definitely a place worth visiting if you haven't already

Don't forget that this Sunday in Ivanhoe is the Quality Makers Market (14 Ivanhoe Parade). A really lovely market where everything is handmade.

Also, this Thursday is the next Crafternoon. Hopefully I can post some pictures of our crazy hijinks.

I have managed to set up a little workspace for myself in my garage. Very simple, my sewing machine, a bench and some drawers but it is more than I had before. The garage is still full of a huge amount of crap, that hasn't changed, but I do have a clean and decent space to work in now. Hurrah! No more working on my bedroom floor or the concrete. Its such a relief.

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Laura said...

Lauren you champ. what a transformation.