Thursday, January 3, 2008

Post New Years

Excellent. New Years is over. It was a stressfree new years, unlike other new years. Which really, is how I want this coming year to be. I feel so grateful that I have spent this year with people I really love. I have been places that have opened my eyes, developed new cravings, met people that have changed me in some way, and felt more like myself than I ever have.
Its been a terribly hard year but also a rewarding one. I don't mean to play to the cliche but I really am very lucky to be who I am and know the people I do.
The new year bodes well.

Crafternoon again this afternoon. One of the least productive yet, I blame the stupidly hot weather. Although it did end up with good pizza and people I haven't seen in a while at Bimbo's. Only bummer is the long train ride home. I do have a very good looking book to read though.

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